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“Plastics U, your Plastics”  Plastics U conveys our vision – dedicate to provide professional plastics-related information to learn and communicate in multi-dimensional channels in users’ shoes.

061856-firey-orange-jelly-icon-people-things-briefcase What We Do

We are specialized in providing plastics processing knowledge and tips to help you and your enterprise deal with any questions and problem-shootings in the plastic industry. Committed to build a worldwide learning platform in the Plastics field, our main professional specialty enables you to validate your knowledge and skills in the process of manufacturing. Our vision is to help every person in the industry all over the world be able to enhance his/her competency.

061939-firey-orange-jelly-icon-people-things-people-couple-sc44 Who We Serve

Every person who works or is interested in plastics-related fields, such as plastics engineers, mold makers, scientists, technicians, salespeople, and other plastics professionals.

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Here I understand the knowledge of injection to avoid some mistakes in the process of development!

Kay, R&D

Plastics U improves my ability of communicating with customers on a technical level!

Becky, Sales

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Email us for any questions or feedback. Our management team will contact you as soon as possible!


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