About Certificate

Moldex3D Certification Program is a professional certificate approved by industries and enterprises worldwide.It not only provides a reliable validation for your professional skills and knowledge, but also qualifies you for manipulating Moldex3D software.Achieving Moldex3D Certification helps enhance your competence, raise your competitiveness, and fulfill your values in relevant industries.


About Moldex3D Expert Certificate (MEC)
Moldex3D Expert Certificate (MEC) is a proof of your knowledge on advanced topics in injection molding. It is designed for the experts in the industry and whoever wants to learn the advanced knowledge in injection molding. You have to successfully pass the Moldex3D Professional Certification to proceed on this exam. Moldex3D Expert Certificate will cover topics such as some advanced injection molding processes, advanced meshing skills, and common problems which include:

◆ Insert Molding and Two-component Over-molding

◆ Fiber Flow

◆ Co-injection

◆ Hot Runner System

◆ Injection Compression

◆ Gas/Water Assisted Injection Molding

◆ Microcellular Injection Molding

◆ Structure FEA Interface

◆ Solid BLM Meshing

◆ Solid Hybrid Meshing

Exam Types

On-line exam: Consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. The on-line exam takes 40 minutes.

Hands-on exam: You have to pass the on-line exam to proceed on the hands-on exam. A real case will be given. You have to solve a specific problem using Moldex3D in 6 hours.

Pass Score

To pass the on-line exam, you need to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly.

To pass the hands-on exam, you need to get at least 80 points.


After passing the on-line exam, your score will be shown on screen. Please register for the hands-on exam after passing the hands-on exam. You will get an official Moldex3D certificate once you pass both the on-line exam and the hands-on exam. 

Required Courses

In addition to a detailed review of the topics covered in this exam, please refer to the “Package Courses for Moldex3D Expert Certificate” for the complete training courses. All the questions are covered in the training courses. However, you do not have to complete all the courses to attend this exam. For a detailed lists of courses, please refer to “Package Courses for Moldex3D Expert Certificate”.

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