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CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) is committed to research and development, sale of CAE for over two decades. Experts at Moldex3D transfer their technique, know-how, and experience into words, more than 100 teaching materials, for CAE users. Internet education service provides complete resource which meet diversified demands. The series is classified according to product portfolio, containing five categories – eDesign Basic, eDesign, Professional, Advanced, IC Packing, each of which includes Standard Injection Molding and Solution Add-on.


  • Offerings: Over 100 short lessons
  • Key features: Learn the fundamentals and advanced topics of CAE.
  • Admission: Open enrollment
  • Fees: Free


Course Details by Product Lines

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All Moldex3D Courses 

Moldex3D R12 Online help

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11 topics will be covered:

  • Installation and Licensing
  • Getting Started with Moldex3d-Quick Tutorial
  • In-depth Tutorials
  • Moldex3D Pre-processing Tools
  • Preparing Analysis
  • Project Management and Visualization
  • Result Interpretations
  • Speeding up Calculation
  • Solution Add-Ons
  • Error and Warning Messages and Solutions
  • Reference