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CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) is committed to CAE for over two decades. Experts at Moldex3D transfer their technique, know-how, and experience into words, more than 100 teaching materials, for CAE users. To meet diversified demands, we provide internet education service with complete resource categorized by Product Portfolio and by Applications so learners can easily and precisely access lessons they need.

  • Offerings: Over 100 short lessons
  • Key features: Learn the fundamentals and advanced topics of CAE.
  • Admission: Open enrollment
  • Fees: Short lessons online are free. Contact cloudservice@moldex3d.com for complete lessons or customized needs.



For Moldex3D Users

Internet educational service educates those who have Moldex3D software to be the highest levels of technical expertise. It advances your career and impacts your company’s success. Executives, managers and practitioners worldwide acquire critical technique based on individual demands. Moldex3D arranges complete courses for each product line. You can easily reach a series of course according to the product you purchase. Let Plastics U helps you take the lead in your organization.

For Moldex3D Channel Partners

Abundant educational resource here is a strong supporter for you to expand global market. It not only assists you in sophisticatedly manipulating every Moldex3D CAE tool but provides demonstration slides for your customers. This service benefits your promotion due to centralized resource and semi-buffet educational training so as to decrease the entry level for potential users.


Categorized by Product Portfolio

The series is classified according to R14.0 product portfolio, containing five categories - eDesign Basic, eDesign, Professional, Advanced, IC Packaging, each of which includes Standard Injection Molding and Solution Add-on.

Moldex3D Product Portfolio

moldex3d_product portfolio

eDesign Basic Courses
Quick filling simulation tool with automatic meshing capability

eDesign Courses
Complete molding simulation tool with automatic meshing capability

Professional Courses
Efficient support under high-precision requirements with automatic meshing capability

Advanced Courses
Flexible extension for high-precision or special process simulation

IC Packaging Courses
Design verification and optimization for the encapsulation process



Categorized by Applications


Moldex3D Online Help

Moldex3D Support - R14.0

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8 Topics Will Be Covered:

  • Model Preparation
  • Analysis Setup
  • Post-processing
  • System Setup
  • Standard Injection Molding
  • Solution Add-ons
  • IC Packaging
  • Tutorials and Tips