About eDesign Courses


This series teaches you how to utilize the unique auto-meshing function of eDesign to quickly verify plastics part design, and accurately predict the most common molding issues in each phase with complete post-process moudles:

  • eDesign- Flow: Moldex3D Flow enables users to simulate the filling patterns of injection molding to help predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance.
  • eDesign- Pack: Moldex3D Pack incorporates the material compressibility (PVT changes) to fully simulate the density variation and melt flow behaviors during the packing process. It helps users precisely determine gate freeze time, efficient packing time and packing pressure, and warpage prediction to minimize high volumetric shrinkage.
  • eDesign- Cool: Moldex3D Cool improves cooling system productivity and efficiency to optimize mold and cooling circuit designs and reduce cycle times, especially for complicated geometry parts simulation. Furthermore, the advanced transient cool feature is also supported to bring more accurate analyses for variotherm heating system, such as RHCM, and conformal cooling process simulation. Users can easily observe dynamic mold temperature and optimize cooling process.
  • eDesign- Warp: Moldex3D Warp provides a reliable analysis capability to simulate the key issues of shrinkage and warpage behaviors, further controlling the blemishes of molded products.
  • Offerings: 66 short lessons
  • Key features: Learn the fundamentals and advanced topics of eDesign.
  • Admission: Open enrollment
  • Fees: Short lessons online are free. Contact cloudservice@moldex3d.com for complete lessons or customized needs.


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